Is your business positioned to take advantage of the changes coming for your customers and industry?

How do you plan for aggressive growth?

Do you have the right team and operations to meet your customers needs?

Learn what you need to know, and how to guide your business with valuable strategies, tested tools, and proven systems to build any business.

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ActionCOACH is a business coaching company

We work with businesses and individuals, from start-ups through to executives. Our coaching programs are designed to identify your challenges and to apply practical and results-driven solutions. Contact us today to discuss how we can take your business to successful new levels.

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Where can you start?

We offer several ways for you to start improving your business.

6 Steps to a Better Business

Understanding the evolution of a business from Eliminating Chaos in to Passive Income and Realizing Your Dreams.

5 Ways to Grow Your Profits

If you want clarity on the key actions and measurements to grow your profits, then this is for you. If you don't know where to start, or if you have too many things started, get clarity here.


13 Weeks to Learn, or Re-Learn, the basics to create some momentum for your company. Perfect for start-ups and leaders in the first few years business ownership.


Spend time with other business owners and multiple coaches for timely insights and dedicated time to work ON your business. Created your own, guided, 90 day plan.

Learn the 10 books to build your business.

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I started working with John this summer. The coaching sessions have really helped me get organized on how I want to grow my business.

- Heather, Real Estate Broker, Haven Homes (Asheville, NC)

5Most Important Reasons  JOHN DAVIS wants to work ON your business WITH YOU…

1 It is about your family’s dreams,…

Did you start your business for a reason? I’m sure you did. Each owner has their dreams and aspirations. Sometimes they get lost in the daily grind and with that goes the crucial north star to your business. A coach can help you and your team find those lost goals, redefine them after reaching them, or simply start over.

Knowing your new future is the first step to change.

2 …our communities,…

This is where our children and grandchildren create their own memories and legacies. Their environment is crucial to their identity. It shapes their beliefs, skills, and values. Financial stability is crucial for all of us. After having confidence that our needs and wants are met, only then can we stretch our hearts and minds to support one another.

Taking ownership of our roles and responsibilities to each other is what builds our communities.

3 …and your business…

I have seen firsthand what can happen when a small business fails its team and community. 48% of all employees work in a small business. 2020 has proven that the stability of small business is as important as large businesses. Helping understaffed small business owners is beneficial for everyone.

Having a resource to lean on at crucial moments will define the success of a small business owner.

4 …learning and achieving…

During the challenging year of 2020 the average ActionCOACH client grew their business because they were prepared by the lessons, systems, goal setting, team building, accountability, and cultural alignment.

Knowing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats before the crisis occurs improves the speed of decision making and ultimately the results.

5 …with an invested and dependable partner.

Spending time each week with trusted partner for your business that is devoted to your success with a system of tools, resources, and years of experience will help you turn your dreams into reality by guiding your business to create a Commercial, Profitable, Enterprise that Works Without You!

Get into action.

I work with business owners to transform their dreams into reality by fine tuning their processes and mindset.


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