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A collection of Blogs, Articles, Interviews & Videos intended to build business owner knowledge and perspective in order to build dreams.


Over the years other professionals offer interview opportunities. Below is a sample of interviews with Coach John Davis. A great opportunity to gain more insights. Some are video and some are audio.

Burn the Ships

March 2021

Early in the coaching journey I came across some great people willing to offer some exposure. Something I learned to pay forward shortly thereafter. A fun experience that I'm sure I will want to repeat and fix :)

Biz RadioX

Jan 2023

Introduction & Why I Coach

An introduction by Gary Zermuehlen of Sandler Training and some of my backstory and why I chose to coach businesses.

Biz RadioX

Jan 2023

Business Fundamentals

Gary and I discuss the fundamental areas that owners must Master to achieve success.

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Biz RadioX

Jan 2023

Consistency, Target Audience, Mindset

Owners face challenges with daily tasks, delegation, and how to focus their activities.

Biz RadioX

Jan 2023

Building A Team - Conclusion

In this final section Gary Z and I talk about building a team and how to engage with Coach John.

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