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Nick Jooma

Infinite Allergy Labs helps people discover food allergies that they did not realize that they had, then learn the impact these allergies and foods have on their lives. In addition to offering a broad range of tests they also provide an example of how building scale in their business can improve their impact on the lives of those they serve.


Brad Butterworth

This is a video with Brad Butterworth of Shoot 360. They combine the analytics and sports science to run basketball training facilities. They are holistic in how they work with the athletes and coaches in a franchise business model. I think from a business concept this is really interesting to learn what they're doing and how the differences are in their strategies for growing domestically and internationally. Of course, if you're a sports fan, and if you're in my network, you probably are I think you'll find this pretty interesting.


Robert Lee

This video interview with introduces his business Atlanta Business Circulators. What is unique is that it combines a digital marketing business with the traditional print marketing business. When you stop and think about this combination that most see as either/or you can see the potential for the combination of both.


Steve Cole

In this interview we talk about Sams & Cole’s practice focus on general legal matters as well as a generational shift and professional bias against marketing in the legal profession. With each of us having a neighborhood lawyers in our parents and grandparents there is an awareness to how business was generated versus how it is created today.


Sammy Kesner

Jackson and June events is an event planning company in the Athens area doing primarily weddings, but also coordinates corporate and social events as well. Jackson & June started in 2018 and is growing very quickly! She talks about how her business and their values which focus on being kindhearted and fun. Making weddings & events fun, not stressful. Having those core values are really important. Also we discuss the law of the vacuum to create business growth.


Nichole Rogers

During this video we focus on a new business model for realtors. While virtual isn't "new" anymore there are still struggling about how to make this work in different industries. While real estate seems like a good fit for established realtors, its not conducive to the personal needs, like culture and training. Nichole's business keeps those issues front and center while also working to build a rapidly scalable business. Check it out.

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Nino Canu

In our discussion, Nino shared how his company DELIVERS A VALUED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. By staying on top of the technology in their industry. By maintaining a solid relationship with the technology suppliers they can help their customer design a system that consistently delivers the data that is needed at the right time and right place.


Dr. Chad Hyatt

In this Coach's Views video I talk to Dr. Chad Hyatt of Hyatt Holistic Health. Dr. Hyatt explains that the focus of Chiropractors but also his specialty on focus on nutritional health in conjunction with the physical adjustments we often associate with chiropractors. As a result his practice can support clients around the world. The end goal is to help people get off the medications and supplements in favor of overall wellness. We discuss the need to focus on health, mindset, and the impact of emotions related to our success.


Michael Kohler

Coach John Davis with Michael Kohler of Special Kneads and Treats. Michael shares the founding stories of Special Kneads and Treats while discussing the diverse customers they serve.

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